Past events

Decolonising Fictional Worlds

Thursday 12th August 11am-12.30pm BST
In this interactive worldbuilding workshop, you will be invited to consider pop culture a colonial landscape and explore what it means (to you) to decolonise fictional worlds!
Facilitator: Katalina Watt
Platform: Microsoft Teams

Pop Culture as a Colonial Landscape

Wednesday 4th August 2021, 2pm-3.30pm BST
An intersectional discussion on colonialism as a persistent and pervasive phenomenon within the pop culture landscape.
Speakers: Keisha Bruce (University of Nottingham), Dr Francesca Sobande (Cardiff University), Rianna Walcott (Kings College London)
Platform: Microsoft Teams

Positionality and Power: Foregrounding Equity in your Research

Thursday 29th July 2021, 2-3pm BST
Where and how do conversations about power show up in the way we develop our research? To respond to this question, this talk will help guide researchers through exercises that interrogate their influences emphasizing how chronology, relationships and representation can help us to build research with equity and social justice at the forefront of our intentions and execution. 
Speaker: Breanna J. McDaniel
Platform: Microsoft Teams

Becoming a Researcher-Activist: Finding the Activism in Your Work

Friday 23rd July 2021, 11am – 12.30pm BST
This 90-minute arts-led workshop developed by Rita Faire invites researchers to think about their personal voices, the voices of their respective work and how this can be channelled towards generating impact in the communities that stand to benefit the most.
Facilitator: Rita Faire (Edinburgh Napier University)
Platform: Microsoft Teams

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