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Welcome to the Researcher Activist Network!

Mission statement: The Researcher Activist Network (RAN) exists primarily to foster a community of social justice activists within academia and beyond. We recognise the richness of existing activism scholarship and hope to provide a point of contact for future activist-research endeavours. Centring accessibility of resources and knowledge-sharing at the heart of this network, we hope to build a collaborative community of academics and activists working towards a shared vision of equity and inclusion in all areas of society.

Join us for our inaugural event series Activating Research – launching Summer 2021. Full programme of events available now.

The Researcher Activist Network was founded by Rita Faire and Amy King, doctoral researchers at Edinburgh Napier University.

We acknowledge the immense value and labour of activists and researchers who paved the way for us – particularly those from racialised and marginalised communities – without whom our own social justice endeavours, interests and achievements would be impossible.

Latest from the Blog

Published: Researcher Activist Network – The Zine!

We are delighted to share Researcher Activist Network – The Zine! Beautifully designed by Funmi Lijadu and coordinated by Rita Faire and Amy King, Researcher Activist Network – The Zine synthesises questions and reflections brought to the table by speakers and attendees in our 2021 Activating Research summer series of events. This collaborative project wasContinue reading “Published: Researcher Activist Network – The Zine!”

Imagining Meaningful Representation workshop

The Researcher Activist Network (RAN) would just like to announce another event in our Activating Research Summer Programme! This event is free to attend and is open to the public: we encourage everyone interested to come along! About the session This interactive workshop can be understood as a participatory performance where all attendees are most welcomeContinue reading “Imagining Meaningful Representation workshop”

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